Flora and fauna of the Athens County area, and occasionally habitats outside Ohio. Subject matter will consist of both interpretive material and taxonomic issues in plant and animal identification.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Silly Winter Mood

I haven't posted anything in awhile, and just got into one of those "moods".

"What's for lunch?"              "You are!"

Trees on HGH                                                                (uncredited photo)

"Oops, you broke it, you buy it"                                           (Lisa Sells photo)

Tree Sex   nuff said

Florida Manatees spend the cold winter months in warm water springs. I always wondered what they did in the summer, now I know.

*cough*  "I thought I swallowed a snake, turned out to be a coat hanger."

"Oh my, those molars are terrible. We need to make an appointment, first thing Monday, 8:00 sharp!"

"Oh cool, is that one of those insects that mimic twigs?" " No, it's a twig."

"Did you hear about the argument Jean and Marge had yesterday? Jean told Marge she sucked, and Marge blew a stink ball at her."    "Oh gees, how immature"

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