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Monday, September 6, 2010

Butterfly DNA, a new species

This was just sent to me today, and since I like to keep my topics current I thought I'd pass this on to you. In my very first post I started with what else, a Buckeye butterfly (Junonia coenia). Now look what's happened. Let me quote this email directly.

"The attached photos attest to the growing power of genetically altering species. After years of top-secret development deep in the DNA labs of the Ohio State University entomology department, the first genetically altered butterfly has been presented to the public. The new species is to be known as Junonia woodyhaysei or THE Ohio Buckeye.
     Our Brutus Beanies are off to the talented team of lepidopterists who have labored so long to achieve this stunning new creature. No doubt bio-engineers from a certain university in The State Up North will soon be attempting to alter the colors (and, we hope, the disposition) of their wolverine."

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